Me, you, SHE

As she glanced at one of our pictures together, a friend of mine noticed we resemble the Sex and the City characters.

Well, unfortunately, we’re not. We are just some normal girls, who haven’t yet accomplished a career or earned a lot of money, but the truth is that we do share some similarities. We all have problems that we try to figure out, issues that we try to solve, so we exchange advice among friends. We’re all into fashion but we can only daydream about their outfits; we yearn for their lifestyle, we long for a soul mate, a husband, a boyfriend, someone we can take care of and take care of us, someone who can warm our bed when we come home exhausted from work, we are all women.

That’s why we love this tv series, because we can all identify with the Sex and the City characters, and watching them achieve what they set their minds on gives us the sense and hope that we can, too.

Alina Marin


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