What if…

The Love of Your Life is not the same person with The Perfect Guy?

You’ve already met them both: on the one hand, The Love of Your Life – you loved him with all your heart, but from a reason or another(he was married, he doesn’t love you anymore, you’re relation is impossible because you two just can’t be a couple, you fight all the time, you’re incompatible, you/he can’t pass over some bad thing he/you did, etc) you’re not together anymore; on the other hand, The Perfect Guy, the one you were always dreaming of since you were a little girl, The Prince Charming, being anything you ever wanted(good looking, kind, in love with you, etc).

Well, what will you choose? Stay with the one who makes you happy now and probably in the future or think of the past and try to make it work with the other one?


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