On the road again

So happy to finally be at home, in my room, in my bed. Though I said that all I wanna do is listen the silence tonight, I just can’t help it, I need the music, so I’m gonna relax with this beautiful classic waltz.

It’s a lovely winter night to travel back home from Buzau, after two days of rehearsals. I am truly enchante by this road totally in dark, and, like always, getting ready for some fog.

At the beginning you might think that you have a problem with your windows, but then, when you can’t see a meter around, you realize that the problem doesn’t come from you. It’s kind of scary. You don’t know what’s in front of you, can’t see if you are in a town, in a village or in the middle of the field, you just can’t see anything outside, I can only see Ana sitting next to me with a light on her face, while a French Guy is playing this lovely accordion solo on the radio, making me think of a freaky movie script, like all movie scripts that include fog, cars and music.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened, we’re off the fog, but the road is still in the dark. But soon, the fog appears again. Suddenly, we see a man walking on the right side of the road and we can only wonder where can he go in the middle of the night, coz it’s a pretty long distance from a village to another. Bogdan asks us if we saw the cross, but we didn’t notice him to carry anything, so this becomes really strange.

By the time we were debating the subject, no more fog, no more men carrying crossing are disturbing our way anymore, the road is invaded by the city’s lights, while Mr. Al Jareau is playing this wonderful song written by Elton John, guiding us to our homes.


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