Bucharest Underground

If you were thinking I’m gonna tell you about underground culture in Bucharest, well, you were wrong. It’s about the subway, underground, metro or whatever you wanna call it.

I love the subway, it’s my favorite mean of transport. It’s easy to get anywhere in the city, you don’t loose time in traffic, it’s an efficient way to get to your destination.

It’s true, as in any other mean of transport at rush hours it’s very crowded, but today I’m going later at work so fortunately I will avoid the crowd. I’ll be in the train for the next half an hour, so I’m happy I’ve got a seat, while reading the newspaper. Not mine, not of the person next to me, but the other one.

But, it’s getting hard to read the paper when the girl next to me is searching for something in her bag. I couldn’t help it to watch her and see what is she looking for. At the beginning I thought she was arranging her food, but I was so wrong. Seems like she is going to have her breakfast right now. Umm, maybe you’ll say that it is nothing wrong about eating in the subway, but the girl is eating fish…with bones…and…she is spitting the bones back in the bag where she also has the half of a lemon.

Well, I need to find another point of interest. And that would be right in front of me. A lady around 30 reading a book. Nothing unusual with that. But, what kind of desperate woman would read “How to attract men? Tips and tricks” in a mean of transport? Things becomes even more interesting when she sat down next to me, so I can read some tips, too. Here are some for you too:

“If you want a man to help you with the garbage you have to show him your tits”

“If you want a man to help you with the garbage without complaining, you have to show him your tits twice”

Umm, ok, what a lovely book. First stop: next library to buy this amazing book. Before asking myself why would anyone read such I book I’m wondering why would anyone write such a thing?

This is my stop. I’m out of the underground and some fresh air, sort of. Not for long


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