Soul Searcher

I’ve realized that somewhere, somehow, sometime I’ve lost my soul. I have no idea whether someone has stolen it from me or I’ve just lost it piece by piece on the way.

But I think I let a piece of it in every place I was and in every person I have met until now.

That is why I’m preparing myself to start this special journey to get back my soul, taking a little from each person I love, from each person who wants to share, from all new amazing people I’ll meet in the future, from each place I’ll pass, from each new corner I’ll discover, each beach I’ll put my foot on, from all flowers I’ll touch, each tear I’ll taste, from all places and things that will leave me speechless.

Until then, I just lay on the floor, turn off the lights and listen to this lovely song and smile because of the beauty of life and memories.


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