You have a new personal message

The other day i got this mail from RGC(Romanian Guitarist Community), a forum about not only guitars and guitarists, but about music, instruments, concerts and so on.

I was very intrigued and curious because I don’t usually visit this community, only from time to time, so I wandered who could have written to me and what’s all about.

It was this guy, let’s call him John, telling me that he saw my profile(like my name and the name of the band I’m in!?) and he’s very interested in me and wants me to write him(gave me his email address) so he can send me a photo with him. And in order to be sure that he convinced me he said that distance and color is not important when we are talking about love!? To conclude he wrote this line „I believe we can move from here I am waiting”.

So, now I was confused. Was that much since I last visit RGC? Did it change to a matrimonial community? Of course, i couldn’t stop laughing for a while and then, after I assured myself that is still a music forum, I had to disappoint him, unfortunately, telling not to wait in vain and advised him to look twice at the profile of site when searching for love or whatever is he looking for.
You've Got Mail


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  1. 😆 or it’s just another way to remind you about RGC(Romanian Guitarist Community)

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