Where is the Love?

It’s been a long time since I haven’t written anything in Your Love Story category. I was talking today with a friend about one of my posts from that category, telling her that lately I had no one around me to inspire me with her/his love story, nothing weird, strange, new, nothing beautiful, nothing interesting, nothing to meditate of when talking about Love.

She said that this crisis affects relations and people are to preoccupied working and not loosing their jobs and making money, so everybody forgot about feelings. 7

Is it so?


7 răspunsuri

  1. in RO? working?

  2. :)) I didn’t say that. My friend did. I am just wondering what’s happening with love stories.

  3. Did you forget it ? did you forget to love ?

    • it’s not about me, it’s about us, about people around me who seems to forget about this subject. I guess that doesn’t mean we forget to love, we just don’t talk about it anymore, we don’t talk about the good things in a relation, not even about sad moments, which might be the good part.

  4. Yes IT IS so.

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